What we offer Families

  • Free 30 minute Phone consultation 
    • This includes a pricing quote that fits your family

  • We are a smaller Agency that offers personalized Placements

  • You will recieve a welcome email  packet with useful information that may be needed once your  hire a nanny.

  •  We will conduct position Postings on various job boards  and sites specifically for your needs.

  • We offer Nanny vetting to the fullest which include:
    • Reference Checks - 3  paid childcare related references are required.

  • Phone interviews - We have an intial interview to insure that the qualified nanny is interested in the position.

  • In person interviews or virtual interviews - This allows us to get a more personalized feel on the nanny's experience and personality.  This will  involve questions related to your position needs and CPR/First aid questions.

  • Social media checks- We make sure that if there is a social media presence that it is a respectful one. This is a verification on their character as well.

  • Background checks that includes all Alias's  and a Motor vehicle check.

  • Qualified Nanny Profiles sent Via email to be reviewed by your family - There is no limit on the amount of nannies we may send you . This depends on the response and the nannies you feel as though interest you the most for your position.

  • During the process you will recieve weekly Email check in's with an updated status of the process. 

  • A 1 Month check in after a nanny has been hired will be made either by email or phone call to see how the placement is working out.

  • A safety net - If the nanny hired does not work out we will replace the nanny free of charge, for up to 6 months after the inital hire date.

We are a Nanny Referral Service that takes pride and finds a nanny to fit every family. 

 Contact us now and enjoy a free 30 minute consultation to talk about your childcare needs. 

Quotes Given are based on your family's needs

We use a trusted background check service