City Average Nanny Rates


 Atlanta $15.63/hr.

Nashville $16.52/hr.

Austin $16.20/hr.

New York City $22.55/hr.

Baltimore $16.05/hr.

Philadelphia $16.68/hr.

Boston $18.20/hr.

Phoenix $14.63/hr.

Charlotte $15.85/hr.

Pittsburgh $14.25/hr.

Chicago $17.30/hr.

Portland $16.35/hr.

Dallas $15.80/hr.

Sacramento $15.40/hr.

Denver $16.95/hr.

Salt Lake City $14.63/hr.

Detroit $15.65/hr.

San Diego $16.60/hr.

Houston $15.45/hr.

San Francisco $20.68/hr.

Los Angeles $21.55/hr

Seattle $18.50/hr.

Miami $15.10/hr.

St. Louis $14.45/hr.

Minneapolis $15.82/hr.

Washington, DC $19.35/hr. 

What Else Impacts The Nanny Pay Rate?


1. The average rate for a salary is based on childcare for one (1) child. If you are in need of care for multiples it is suggested to add $1.00 - $ 2.00 extra an hour per extra child.

2. Nannies with two years’ experience earn $ 2.00 less per hour than nannies with 3-5 years’ experience. A nanny with 7-10 years’ experience earns about $ 2.00 more an hour than a nanny with 3 - 5 years’ experience. The more experience the nanny has the more you can expect to pay that nanny per hour.


3. Extra duties within the household will increase the pay rate by a minimum of $1.00 per hour. These duties may include walking the dog, laundry and meal prepping for the family.